Region 8 Committee meeting Summer 2023

Final Agenda Approval: 11 August 2023
Ottawa Canada
Lord Elgin Hotel
121th IEEE R8 Committee Meeting
Friday, 11 August 2023, 8:00-13:00h
Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:00Dir R8ProceduralPiuriCall to order and welcome  
208:01Dir R8ProceduralKaradzinovHousekeeping
  1. Housekeeping Ottawa.pptx
308:03Dir R8ProceduralKaradzinovRoll call
  1. Roll Call Ottawa v2.ppt
408:13Dir R8MotionPiuriApproval of the agenda  
508:14Dir R8MotionPiuriApproval of the consent agenda  
608:15Dir R8DiscussionPiuriDirector's report
  1. JacobZiv.pptx
  2. R8_Director_report_20230811.pptx
708:20Dir R8DiscussionGostinIEEE MGA Chair & IEEE Director address
  1. 07_Gostin SC 24-26 FINAL
808:30Dir R8Discussionde MarcaTAB Cmte on TC Outrch, Engagement & Society Mbrshp
  1. SC2023 - TCOES - Region 8 Meeting - 2023.08.11.pdf
908:40Dir R8DiscussionAntoniouVice Chair Technical Activities report  
1009:05Dir R8MotionAntoniouVice Chair Technical Activities motions  
1109:10Dir R8DiscussionLesicVice Chair Members Activities report  
1209:35Dir R8MotionLesicVice Chair Members Activities motions  
1309:40Dir R8DiscussionAliyuVice Chair Students Activities report  
1410:05Dir R8MotionAliyuVice Chair Students Activities motions  
1510:10Dir R8DiscussionJastrzebskiTreasurer report  
1610:25Dir R8MotionJastrzebskiTreasurer motions  
1710:30Dir R8Procedural-Coffee Break  
1811:00Dir R8Executive SessionLuqueR8 Director candidates selection  
1911:45Dir R8MotionLuqueR8 Bylaws and OpMan updates
  1. Motions.pptx
  2. Motion_Bylaws_Ottawa
  3. Motion_R8OpMan_NA_Ottawa
2012:05Dir R8ProceduralLuqueR8 Awards Ceremony  
2112:45Dir R8DiscussionPiuriOld business  
2212:46Dir R8DiscussionPiuriNew business  
2312:55Dir R8ProceduralPiuriAdjourn  
2412:55Dir R8ProceduralKaradzinovGroup photo  
2513:00Dir R8Procedural-Lunch  
Consent Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
201 --- _MotionPiuriApproval of minutes of the previous meeting
  1. Minutes 120th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting - Bucharest March 2023
202 --- _MotionPiuriApproval of changes to R8 Operation Manuals
  1. Motion_R8OpMan_EI_Ottawa_Consent
  2. Motion_OpMan_AR_Ottawa_Consent
  3. Motion_OpMan_DEI_Ottawa_Consent
  4. Motion_OpMan_MA_Ottawa_Consent
203 --- _MotionPiuriApproval of R8 flagship/portfolio conferences site selection & FCS
  1. Motion EUROCON 2025-Poland
  2. Motion HISTELCON 2025-Germany
  3. Motion Africa Council FCS of AFRICON
204 --- _MotionPiuriApproval of HISTELCON Multi_Region Operating Agreement
  1. Motion HISTELCON Multi_Regional Operations Agreement approval
  2. Motion HISTELCON Multi_Regional Operations Agreement text (R10, R8)
Reference: Committee / Forum Reports
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
301 --- _Report--R8 Sections, Committees and OpCom Reports

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301-399 Reference:Committee / Forum Reports
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