R8 Spring Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 21 March 2020

Region 8
114th IEEE R8 Committee Meeting
Saturday, 21 March 2020
8:00 am - 6:00 pm CET
Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:00_ProceduralMagdalena Salazar Palma, R8 DirectorCall to Order (COMPLETED) 
208:05_ProceduralAna Madureira R8 Secretary / Magdalena Salazar PalmaRoll Call / Introduction of New Officers / Representatives / Guests / Apologiess for Absence (COMPLETED) 
308:25_ProceduralMagdalena Salazar Palma, R8 DirectorIntroductory Remarks (COMPLETED)
  1. Introductory Remarks March 2020
408:30_MotionMagdalena Salazar Palma, R8 DirectorApproval of the Consent Agenda (PASSED) 
508:35Dir R8MotionMagdalena Salazar Palma, R8 DirectorApproval of the Agenda (PASSED) 
608:40_DiscussionMagdalena Salazar Palma, R8 DirectorIEEE Region 8 Director's Address (COMPLETED)
  1. Region 8 Director Address March 2020
709:00_DiscussionToshio Fukuda, IEEE President and CEOIEEE President's Address (COMPLETED)
  1. IEEE President's Address
809:20_Procedural -Break (COMPLETED) 
909:35_DiscussionCostas Stasopoulos, R8 Sections Congress CoordinatorSC2020 recommendations (COMPLETED)
  1. Sections Congress Recommendations
1009:45_DiscussionAdeel Sultan, R8 VC Membership ActivitiesMember Activities (COMPLETED)
  1. Member Activities Report
  2. Young Professionals Subcommittee Report
  3. Membership Development Subcommittee Report
  4. Publications & Communications Subcommittee Report
  5. WIE Subcommittee Report
  6. Humanitarian Activities Subcommittee Report
  7. Life Members Report
  8. History Activities Report
1110:25_DiscussionSohaib Sheikh, R8 VC Technical ActivitiesTechnical Activities (COMPLETED)
  1. Technical Activities Report
1211:05_DiscussionMaciej Borówka, R8 VC Student ActivitiesStudent Activities (COMPLETED)
  1. R8SAC_Webex
  2. 2020 R8 Student Branch Reporting Results_1_01
  3. R8 dissolution list
1311:45_DiscussionPaul Cunningham, Division VI Director-ElectHow can R8 Contribute to Sustainable Development?” (COMPLETED)
  1. How can R8 Contribute to Sustainable Development?”
1412:10_Procedural-Lunch (COMPLETED) 
1512:40_DiscussionKukjin Chun, IEEE VP and Chair, MGABMGA Chair Address
  1. MGA in Region 8
1613:00_DiscussionCecelia Jankowski, MGA Managing Director and SecretaryMGA Managing Director Address
  1. What’s New in MGA for You?
1713:20_DiscussionCostas Stasopoulos, R8 Sections Congress CoordinatorSections Congress Update
  1. Sections Congress Update presentation
1813:40_DiscussionAntonio Luque, R8 Director Elect, R8 SP SC ChairStrategic Planning Sub Committee Report
  1. Strategic Planning Sub Committee Report
1914:00_DiscussionMargaretha Eriksson, R8 Past Director, R8 N&A SC ChairR8 Nominations and Appointments
  1. N&A presentation Warszaw 2020 PA1
2014:15_DiscussionMargaretha Eriksson, R8 Past Director, R8 A&R SC ChairAwards and Recognitions
  1. Awards&Recognition M Eriksson 2020 PA1
2114:20_DiscussionCostas Stasopoulos, MGA GUOS Committee ChairSpecial Interest Groups (SIG)
  1. Special Interest Groups (SIG) presentation
2214:40_DiscussionStephen Welby, IEEE Executive Director and COOIEEE Executive Director and COO Address
  1. IEEE Executive Director and COO Address
2415:20_DiscussionAntonio Luque, R8 Director ElectMembership dues in R8
  1. Membership dues in R8
2515:40_DiscussionS.K. Ramesh / K. J. Ray Liu/Moderator: Christopher JamesIEEE President-Elect Candidates Q&A
2616:00_DiscussionIgor Kuzle / Vincenzo Piuri/ Moderator: Christopher JamesR8 Director-Elect Candidates Q&A
2716:20_DiscussionBruce Krogh, Co-Chair, Africa Education Initiative Task ForceAdHoc Committee on Education in Africa
  1. AdHoc Committee on Education in Africa
2816:30_DiscussionMaciej Borówka, R8 VC Student ActivitiesSYP 2020 Update
  1. IEEE Region 8 SYP 2020 R8
2916:40_DiscussionHolly Schneider Brown, Director, Public Imperatives and Corporate Development and HAC Staff LeadIEEE HAC & SIGHT
3017:00_DiscussionAdam Jastrzebski, R8 Treasurer and Finace Sub Committee ChairTreasurer and Finance Committee Report 2020 Budget Proposal
  1. Treasurer Report
  2. Budget 2020
3117:30_MotionAntonio Luque, R8 Director ElectMotions Presentation, Discussion, and Voting
3217:45_DiscussionAllNew Business
3317:50_DiscussionAntonio Luque, R8 Director ElectCall for Proposals for Incoming R8 Committee Meetings
3417:55_DiscussionMagdalena Salazar Palma, R8 DirectorClosing Remarks
  1. Closing Remarks March 2020
3518:00_MotionMagdalena Salazar Palma, R8 DirectorAdjournment
Consent Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
201 --- _MotionMagdalena Salazar Palma, R8 DirectorApproval of the minutes of the 113th Region 8 Committee meeting
  1. Unapproved Minutes from 113th R8 Committtee Meeting
202 --- _MotionMagdalena Salazar Palma, R8 DirectorChange in the name of the Republic of Macedonia Section
  1. Motion:Change in the name of the Republic of Macedonia Section
203 --- _MotionMagdalena Salazar Palma, R8 DirectorResolution regarding the R8 Volunteer Roberto Sorrentino
  1. Roberto Sorrentino Resolution
204 --- _MotionMagdalena Salazar Palma, R8 DirectorResolution regarding the Cyprus Section Chair, Elias Kyriakides (PASSED)
  1. Elias Kyriakides Resolution
Reference: Supplemental Reports
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
501 --- _Report-OpCom Reports
  1. Director Elect Report
  2. Secretary Report
  3. Vice Chair Member Activities Report
  4. Vice Chair Technical Activities Report
  5. Treasurer Report
  6. Director Report
502 --- _Report-Sub Committee Reports
  1. Action Fo rIndustry Subcommittee Report
  2. Africa Council Chair Report
  3. Awards And Recognition Subcommittee Report
  4. Chapter Coordination Subcommittee Report
  5. Conference Coordination Subcommittee Report
  6. Electronic Communications Coordinator Report
  7. History Activities Coordinator Report
  8. Humanitarian Activities Coordinator Report
  9. Life Member Coordinator Report
  10. Membership Development Coordinator Report
  11. Nominations And Appointment Subcommittee Report
  12. Publications And Communications Subcommittee Report
  13. Professional And Educational Activities Subcommittee Report
  14. Region8 News Report
  15. Region 8 Today Report
  16. Region Vitality Report
  17. SectionsCongressCoordinator Report
  18. Social Media Coordinator Report
  19. Standards Coordinator Report
  20. Finance Subcommittee Report
  21. Voluntary Contribution Fund Coordinator Report
  22. Women In Engineering Coordinator Report
  23. Young Professionals Subcommittee Report
  24. Strategic Planning Subcommittee Report
503 --- _Report-Sections Reports
  1. Algeria Section
  2. Austria Section
  3. Bahrain Section
  4. Benelux Section
  5. Bosnia And Herzegovina Report
  6. Bulgaria Report
  7. Croatia Report
  8. Cyprus Report
  9. Czechoslovakia Report
  10. Denmark Report
  11. Egypt Report
  12. Estonia Report
  13. Finland Report
  14. France Report
  15. Germany Report
  16. Ghana Report
  17. Greece Report
  18. Hungary Report
  19. Iceland Report
  20. Iran Report
  21. Israel Report
  22. Italy Report
  23. Jordan Report
  24. Kenya Report
  25. Latvia Report
  26. Lebanon Report
  27. Lithuania Report
  28. Malta Report
  29. Mauritius Report
  30. Morocco Report
  31. Nigeria Report
  32. Oman Report
  33. Nigeria Report
  34. Poland Report
  35. Portugal Report
  36. Republic Of Macedonia Report
  37. Romania Report
  38. Russia Report
  39. Russia North West Report
  40. Russia Siberia Report
  41. Saudi Arabia East Report
  42. Serbia And Montenegro Report
  43. Slovenia Report
  44. South Africa Report
  45. Spain Report
  46. Sweden Report
  47. Switzerland Report
  48. Tunisia Report
  49. Turkey Report
  50. UK And Ireland
  51. Ukraine Report
  52. United Arab Emirates

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