IEEE Signal Processing Society Membership Board Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 14 May 2019

14 May 2019
12:00 NN - 4:00 PM

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
112:00SPS Mem BdProceduralSidiropoulosCall to Order  
212:01SPS Mem BdProceduralSidiropoulosRoll Call
  1. Membership Board Roll Call
312:02SPS Mem BdMotionSidiropoulosApproval of Agenda  
412:03SPS Mem BdMotionSidiropoulosApproval of Consent Agenda  
512:04SPS Mem BdDiscussionSidiropoulosReport of the Chair

A. Member Statistics

B. Membership Board Reorganization

C. Other
  1. A. Report of the Vice President-Membership
  2. B. Membership Board Reorganization
612:43SPS Mem BdMotionSidiropoulos2019 Chapter Certification Process

A. Review of Process Timeline

B. Review Score Sheet - Approval

  1. 2019 Chapter Certification Review
713:03SPS Mem BdMotionSidiropoulosTravel Support for Potential Fall Meeting
  1. Travel Support for Potential Fall Meeting
813:13SPS Mem BdDiscussionSidiropoulosExtending Financial Support to SPS Student Branch Chapters
  1. Extending Financial Support to SPS Student Branch Chapters
913:23SPS Mem BdInfoArgiropoulosUpdate on the IEEE SPS Best PhD Dissertation Award
  1. TABARC Approval
1013:26SPS Mem BdInfoArigopoulos2019 Chapter of the Year Schedule
  1. 2019 Chapter of the Year Schedule
1113:31SPS Mem BdDiscussionSidiropoulosPracticing Engineers Travel Grant Program
  1. Practicing Engineers Travel Grant Program
1213:41SPS Mem BdDiscussionMarcenaroFinancial Support for the Technical Organizers of the Student Competitions
  1. Standing Authorization
1313:51SPS Mem BdDiscussionGrecoResource Center Update
  1. Resource Center Update
1414:01SPS Mem BdDiscussionKwasinskiSigPort Update

A. SigPort: Streamlining the Document Upload Process: Need for Use of a Coupon Code?

B. Use of SigPort for Co-Sponsored SPS Conferences
  1. SigPort Update Report
1514:21SPS Mem BdDiscussionPaunwalaReport of the Chapters Committee

A. DL Program

B. Committee Activities
  1. Chapters Committee Report
1614:31SPS Mem BdDiscussionMohammadiReport of the Director-Membership Services

A. Seasonal Schools Update

B. Young Professionals Subcommittee Update
1714:41SPS Mem BdDiscussionVaswaniWomen in Signal Processing Committee Update  
1814:51SPS Mem BdDiscussionMarcenaroReport of the Director-Student Services

A. SP Cup

B. Student Career Luncheon

C. ICASSP/ICIP Travel Grants

D. Sponsorship

E. Student Education Video Competition
  1. Report of the Director-Student Services
1915:01SPS Mem BdDiscussionMajumdarReport of the Education Committee Chair

A. Committee Activities Update

B. Wiki Project

c. Webinars
  1. Education Committee Report
2015:11SPS Mem BdDiscussionRamabhadranReport of the Regional Director-at-Large: Region 1-6

- Activity and Travel Update
  1. Report from RDAL Region 1-6
2115:21SPS Mem BdDiscussionda SilvaReport of the Regional Director-at-Large: Region 7&9

- Activity and Travel Update
  1. Report of the Regional Director-at-Large
2215:31SPS Mem BdDiscussionRichardReport of the Regional Director-at-Large: Region 8

- Activity and Travel Update
2315:41SPS Mem BdDiscussionHariReport of the Regional Director-at-Large: Region 10

- Activity and Travel Update
  1. Report of the Regional Director-at-Large
2415:49SPS Mem BdInfoSidiropoulosMember Driven Initiatives

A. Summary of Activities

B. 2018 Member Driven Initiative Event Reports

  1. Hyderabad Workshop on Information Theory Report
  2. Chennai Sri Lanka Report
  3. Denmark MDI Announcement
2515:52SPS Mem BdInfoBaseil2019 Society Goals
  1. 2019 Society Goals
2615:57SPS Mem BdProceduralSidiropoulosOld Business  
2715:58SPS Mem BdProceduralSidiropoulosNew Business
2815:59SPS Mem BdInfoSidiropoulosNext Meeting  
2916:00SPS Mem BdMotionSidiropoulosAdjourn  
Consent Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
201 --- SPS Mem BdInfoSidiropoulosApproval of the Membership Board Action/Information Items from the 19 April 2018 Meeting, Calgary, Canada
  1. Membership Board Action/Information Items, 19 April 2018
202 --- SPS Mem BdInfoSidiropoulosE-Ballot Results: Approval of the Seasonal Schools Subcommittee Chair
  1. E-Ballot Results
203 --- SPS Mem BdInfoSidiropoulosE-Ballot Results: 2019 Summer School Proposals Approval
  1. E-Ballot Results

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